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Before and After THE HAIR SALON

"your hair deserves the very best treatment"

About Before and After THE HAIR SALON

As the founder of Before & After THE HAIR SALON. I have only one true mission. I want to help you understand how to take care of your hair by educating you as much as I can, in order to have and maintain a healthier head of hair.

As a hairstylist and hair care consultant. I have spent years researching the causes of hair breakage and hair loss. I want my research and hair care techniques to help you have the healthy head of hair that you desire. No matter the hair texture no matter the length. You see I know that the moment that you step into the salon, you have one main concern and that is to maintain your hair in the healthiest condition that it can be.

I know that you really care about your hair. Your commitment to keeping your hair beautiful is the same commitment that I make when you visit me.... "yes I care just like you care".


Jeanette Story, Founder

Hairstylist/Hair Care Consultant

Before & After THE HAIR SALON is located in Southaven, MS